352 Pins…and Counting

Is your pin on the map yet?

There are currently 352 small pins dotting our map of the world. Each marks one school which is now part of the 2015 Ocean 180 Student Judging Team and while it looks crowded, there’s still room for more!

With pins located in all 50 US states, DC, the US Virgin Islands, and a total of 24 countries, it’s amazing (and a little humbling) to picture how many different cultures, communities, classrooms, and individual students they represent.

These pins contain more than 2,000 classrooms and 47,000 students, each carrying vastly different experiences in science and with the ocean. Some classrooms are filled with students who live along the coast, who grew up surfing, diving and fishing. Others have never set foot in the ocean, let alone thought about it being a place scientists work or where they could find their future career.

From January 2 through February 27, each student on the map will get the chance to view the top 10 submissions to the 2015 Ocean 180 Video Challenge and provide critical feedback for the scientists behind each video. In addition to submitting their ballots and comments, student judges get the chance to see research come to life and discover a side of science they might never have known about.

We are proud to see the map grow and expand, adding new pins to its surface each day. We love sharing it, showing teachers, scientists, friends, and colleagues how far this year’s Ocean 180 video abstracts will reach.

Not on the map yet? There’s still time to add your pin! Registration for classrooms has been EXTENDED and will be open until December 19, 2014 at 11:59pm (PST).


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